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The College of Art of Beijing Language and Culture University was founded in 2014. Before its foundation, the College of Art had developed for more than twenty years since 1993 as the Department of Art of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Over its history, the College has been dedicated to cultivating talents for the internationalization of Chinese art. Currently, there are three majors available in the College of Arts: painting, calligraphy, and musicology. All three majors are open to applications from Chinese and international students. In 2018, the Ministry of Education approved and authorized the master degree program in the College of Art, and the first year of graduate students was recruited in 2019.

Affiliated with the School of Art, there is the Jiang Zhaohe Art Research Center, the Chinese Elaborate-style of Painting Research and Creation Center, and the Institute of Chinese Calligraphy and Seal Carving. With the twin objectives of teaching and research, the institutions regularly carry out art exhibitions and academic seminars on- and off-campus, and actively participate in academic exhibitions in China and abroad, constantly enhancing the College's influence in the art world around the globe.

The College of Arts has a strong arsenal of teachers and experts. It has appointed the renowned artist, Professor Ma Zhensheng, and the well-known calligrapher, Professor Yan Gongda, as honorary presidents of the college. Currently, the college has 20 professional lecturers, 6 associate professors, and 3 professors, all of whom have prestige and influence in the art world. Among them are 4 members of the China Artists Association, 1 director of the board of the China Calligraphers Association, 1 member of the China Calligraphers Association, 1 member of the China Musicians Association, 1 member of the Xiling Seal Art Society, and 1 researcher of the China Central Institute for Culture and History. The College of Arts has also hired numerous famous artists as its part-time professors. Among them are famous painters Liu Wenxi and Zhu Licun, famous calligraphers and seal carvers Ouyang Zhongshi and Huang Dun, and famous singers Dai Yuqiang and Dong Hua, all of whom have accepted the invitation to visit the school in-person to provide their guidance and teaching. In recent years, teachers of the College of Art have been focusing on teaching and breaking new grounds. The college now operates 2 China National Arts Funds and has undertaken more than ten scientific research projects. Participation in a variety of art events in China and abroad has also yielded excellent results. And in terms of publication, nearly one hundred papers have made it into core journals and more than ten art-related monographs and textbooks have reached the market.

Beijing Language and Culture University has an internationalized campus, putting the College of Art on the forefront of internationalization. The college adheres to the purpose of passing on a legacy, facilitating communication, constantly innovating, and expanding growth. It strives to shape its image as a teaching and research-oriented college. With teaching and demonstration of international education and communication of Chinese art as its medium- and long-term development goal, the College of Art prioritizes passing on the heritage of traditional Chinese art and lays its professional foundation on teaching the distinctive characteristics of Chinese national art. It cultivates well-rounded international professional talents with a Chinese spirit and global vision.

The College of Art also focuses on enhancing the international competitiveness of the students with its well-rounded dual model of professional skill and foreign language. The college's international art atmosphere is vibrant. Multiple Chinese-foreign art exchange exhibitions and mutual visits with the United States, Japan, Korea, Uruguay, Mexico, Bulgaria, and other countries have been held. The college values the well-rounded development of students as well. More than 50 honors have been claimed by the college's students in important academic activities, events, and art festivals in China and abroad, and the employment rate of students is consistently high. On behalf of BLCU, students of the College of Art have been emissaries of friendship in cultural and artistic exchanges between China and abroad. They have toured the United States, Japan, Singapore, Korea, and other countries many times, and the performances and exhibitions were well received by international friends.

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