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  1. Campus Card introduction
  The BLCU campus card is the card for personal identification and consumption of BLCU students and teaching staff, which can be used in the canteen, public bathroom, supermarket, library, the transfer machines for charging your internet, and in the public internet bar.
  2. Campus Card application
  International students can get their campus cards after registration, and those who are late for registration should take their identity documents(passport, student ID, letter of admission and so on) to get the cards in their colleges. The first campus card will be free.
  3. Campus Card usage
  Always bring the campus card with you. Keep it properly and use it correctly. Do not bend, punch, or fold the card and keep it away from high temperature. The campus card can only be used by the card holder– it is non-transferable. If the card is lent to others, the campus card center has the right to terminate the usage of the card and the card holder shall bear responsibility for all consequences.
  If you find a lost campus card, please bring it to the one-stop service center on the first floor of the Multiple-use Building. Those who steal others’ campus card will be punished by the university, and may assume legal responsibility in serious circumstances.
  4. Campus Card recharging
  You can recharge your campus card either with cash in recharging places or through the transfer machine. Cash recharge: in the Qingyan Building or in the third canteen in the residential area. By transfer machine: bind the campus card to an ICBC credit card and recharge it by transferring accounts.
  5. Campus Card password
  The campus card has two codes: consumption code and inquiry code.
  The consumption code is needed for consumption, transferring accounts and logging into the self-service website ( Notes: small expenses do not need a code. Your consumption code is needed when a single consumption or the daily consumption exceeds prior limitation. The prior limitation is specifically set in the case of loss of campus card.
  The inquiry code is needed when you want to report the loss of the campus card through the BLCU campus card app(not available yet).
  Initially, the consumption code and inquiry code are same. For card holders with identity card, the initial code are the last 6 numbers of ID number, with‘x’for0; for card holders with other identity documents (passport or military identification), the initial code is the birthday of the card holder (yymmdd), if that data is incomplete, the initial code is “888888”.
  6. Reporting a lost campus card, cancelling the reported loss, and re-submitting a campus card
  A. Reporting a lost campus card
  If you lose your campus card, you can:
  a. Choose “self-service” in the “campus card service” through transfer machine;
  b. Log in to the campus card self-service website;
  c. Take your identity document and go to the one-stop service center to report the loss. 
  B. Cancelling the reported loss
  If you find your lost card, please take your identity documents and the campus card to the one-stop service center to cancel the reported loss of the card.
  C. Re-submitting campus card
  If you lose or damage the campus and need a new one, take your identity documents to the one-stop service center and pay 20 Yuan for a new one. If the damage is not of human origin and no clear abrasion can be found on the card surface, the card holder can receive a new one for free.
  7. Campus Card period of validity and postponement
  The period of validity of the campus card of international students is subject to their period of enrolment.
  The postponement of the campus card of international students will be verified by the Student Affairs Office and carried out by the managing center of campus center according to the list provided by the Student Affairs Office.
  Students can also apply for postponement by taking their ID and campus card to the campus card managing center.
  8. Campus Card cancellation
  When international students graduate, the campus card is not recycled. It is transferred into an alumnus card with relevant rights but without a consumption function. The remaining balance can be drawn in the recharging place in Qingyan Building. The campus card managing center will cancel the card after one year of the period of validity and the remaining balance will be treated as uncollectible and turned over to BLCU.
  9. Contact us
  Address: one-stop service center, first floor of the multiple-use building
  Business hours: 8:00-11:40 AM
  13:00-17:00 PM
  Telephone: 010-82300062



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