About BLCU

Address Presented by the President of BLCU

“Join BLCU to create and share the multi-cultures.” Beijing Language and Culture University is an international university where students from all over the world study together, and diversified cultures exchange with one another. For more than 40 years since its establishment, the university has carried on the consistent aim of “popularizing Chinese language and promoting Chinese culture”, constantly expanded the cause of teaching Chinese as a foreign language and the international popularization of Chinese language. Through all these efforts, we have developed distinctive disciplinary and educational features, with priorities on the subjects of Chinese Language and Culture as well as Foreign Languages and Cultures. Faculties in BLCU, intelligent and enlightening, have always strived to promote friendly relations among peoples. Under such guidance, we have cultivated thousands of talents for both China and other countries, who have been making great contribution to further mutual understanding and friendship among all nations.

Based on systematic management principles, the university focuses on innovation, discipline construction, and teacher-training in its development. Through the joint efforts of the BLCU staff and students, great progress has been made in the above-mentioned aspects.

Thanks to the continuous growth of China’s economy, its comprehensive strength, and cooperation and exchange with the outside world, Chinese language has been put to wider use, thus creating an ever-increasing number of learners of both the Chinese language and Chinese culture. Therefore, as an established institution of teaching and researching Chinese language as a second/foreign language, we are faced with unprecedented opportunities. What we shall do is to fully display the superiority of the studies of Chinese as a second/foreign language, and to further strengthen the exchanges and co-operations with other institutions of higher education both at home and abroad. We are willing to contribute to the dissemination of human civilizations, the promotion of cultural diversity, and the world peace.

To ensure an integral and sustained development for our university, we will stick to the student-oriented teaching principles and teacher-oriented academic development to pursue excellence in teaching and research. We are making unremitting efforts to build BLCU into a highly recognized international university that is home to students from all parts of the world.

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