BLCU Held the Lecture of Chinese Ancient Civilization
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   In the afternoon of May 20, the first phase of activities of the Studies of Chinese Ancient Civilization – “Gentleman Ya Ming” was held in the Sycamore Bookshop. It is one of the series of activities of the fourth “reading season” in BLCU, which aims to promote modern gentleman manners and enhance the moral quality and personality realm.

   Professor Han Jingtai, Dean of Chinese Culture Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences Department gave a lecture “The Confucian Gentleman Culture and Space for Development”, explains the traditional Confucian “gentleman” concept.

   In the discussion, Professor Han put forward four questions: first, in today’s social groups, which kind of people has the highest moral? Second, which kind of people has the worst moral? Third, what is the basis for our moral values to develop? Fourth, if you think the today's moral level is going down, do you want to restore the Confucian tradition? Around these issues, everyone thought actively and discussed enthusiastically.

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